Olufemi Opeyemi OYADARE

Olufemi Opeyemi OYADARE


MBB 104, Yellow House


Contact: +2348063700994

Email: deptofmaths@oauife.edu.ng

B.Ed., M.Sc., (Ibadan)

Harmonic Analysis

Attended Ibadan Boys’ High School, 1991-1996. Graduated with First Class (Hons.) in 2004 and with M. Sc. (Harmonic Analysis) in 2007 from the University of Ibadan. Currently in view of his Ph. D in Mathematics. Happily married to Mrs. Hope Ofunre OYADARE, with a son, Master Lawrence Ajibola OYADARE.


M.Sc. Thesis : Harmonic Analysis of Spherical Functions on SL(2,R). (2007)

1. Construction of Higher Orthogonal Polynomials through a new inner product in a countable real Lp-spaces. (2005) in American Journal of Undergraduate Research, 4(3), p. 13-26. 2. (with U. N. Bassey) Basic theorems of harmonic analysis of spherical functions on SL(2,R) (2008) in Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics, p. 240-252. MATHEMATICAL REVIEW NO. 2549354 3. (with U. N. Bassey) Remarks on the principal series of representations: the case of SL(2,R) (2009) in J. P. Journal of Geometry and Topology, 9(3), p. 249-262. MATHEMATICAL REVIEW NO. 2604111 4. (with U. N. Bassey) On hull-minimal ideals in the Schwartz algebras of spherical functions on a semisimple Lie group (2011) in International Journal of Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications, 3(1), p. 37-52. MATHEMATICAL REVIEW NO. 3012277 5. On the application of Newtonian triangles to decomposition theorems (2012) ANNOUNCEMENT available at www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/86763873 6. (with U. N. Bassey) A theorem on the Iwasawa projection and applications to some representations of reductive groups (2013) in Universal Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, 3(2), p. 157-164. MATHEMATICAL REVIEW NO. (not yet available)

(1.) GALOIS group of Fermat polynomials and the arithmetic groups of Diophantine curves (2.) Fermat’s Last Theorem and its direct consequences, available as file 535f769e86d79.pdf below

TOPOLOGY; from open intervals to covering spaces (in preparation): We intend to have a single book leading undergraduate students from Real Analysis to General Topology, with an application on how to compute the Fundamental Group of any space.

(1.) Galois groups of Fermat polynomials and the arithmetic groups of Diophantine curves (2.) The Need for a Galois theory of Diophantine Equations (3.). A short proof of Catalan’s conjecture

(1.) Galois group of Fermat polynomials and the arithmetic groups of Diophantine curves: The article on the Galois group of Fermat polynomials and the arithmetic groups of Diophantine curves gives a novel approach to the study of the FERMAT’S LAST THEOREM (FLT) leading to some consequences in topology, field theory, ring theory, Galois theory and Arithmetic groups of curves. We hope to pursue these and other open problems in our researches. (2.) Fermat’s Last Theorem and its direct consequences (uploaded as file 535f769e86d79.pdf below): This manuscript contains a list of open problems that are direct consequences of FLT and the approach to understanding the correct generalization of the Pythagorean triples of the Babylonian, out of which FLT is but one of the many problems. The ease with which the methods of Newtonian triangles deal with these problems assures us that our approach to studying Diphantine curves is natural.